About us

EST 1994

Where we’ve come from…and where we’re going

The Thain family had a mad moment when they decided to buy a vineyard in 2004, but haven’t looked back. Established in 1994 by Bill and Lyn Wallace, Chepstowe Vineyard has become a passion for Matt Thain, equalled by his appreciation and respect for the land–the rich grey loam that nurtures and adds character to the fruit.

The Vineyard has survived fire and drought. In 2013, the Carngham bushfire ripped through the district, but despite the destruction of vegetation, fencing and trellising, the vines still managed to hang in and survive. New irrigation and trellising means Chepstowe is still producing bottles for your treasured Wine Time.

An alliance with winemaker Alex Byrne (Byrne Wines and Noisy Ritual Winery) sees the that the fruit is turned into fine cool climate wine that we can be proud of and shows the seasons character as well as our terroir.


Matt Thain
Chepstowe Vineyard

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