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EST 1994

Where we have come from.

Established in 1994 by Bill and Lyn Wallace, Chepstowe Vineyard was purchased in 2004 by the Thain family.

Matt Thain’s passion for wine is equalled by his appreciation and respect for the land, the rich grey loam that both nurtures and lends its unique character to the fruit.

The vineyard endured a near death experience in 2013, courtesy of the Carngham bushfire that ravaged the area. Despite the destruction of vegetation, fencing and trellising the vines still managed to hang in and survive. They were all cut back to ground level to regrow. Irrigation systems, trellising and other infrastructure was replaced, the new vines trained and the Vineyard is now producing premium quality fruit once again.

Friend and winemaker Alex Byrne (Byrne Wines and Noisy Ritual Winery), with twenty years experience as a winemaker including vintages in Burgundy, France, brings his knowledge and understanding of the complexities of producing cool climate wines to create something special here with Chepstowe Vineyard wines.

Though it has been a hard road bringing the Vineyard back, it is immensely satisfying and well-worth the effort for the quality wines that are now available.


Matt Thain
Chepstowe Vineyard

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